Tokyo Summit 2016
in partnership with Conde Nast Japan | Tokyo American Club, October 11

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Today’s fashion, retail, and connect with decision-makers and Inoveita who represents the technology companies, let’s develop a new idea to be a breakthrough in business.


“Anyway, we should participate about. Dekodeddo fashion, connecting fashion and Tech both industry, opportunity to meet with the innovators who have the right mind set is not in the other.”


All Saints CEO, William Kim


Decoded Fashion Tokyo Summit 2016, the fashion brand, retail companies, from such tech companies, the president, managers, strategists, digital officer, marketers, PR communication, investor, start-up, media officials, such as, also of the decision-making about 400 people Sha us under one roof, it is Ino Evasive Angles tion hub of world-class.


Dekodeddo fashion is, we look forward to Kizukeru the companies and partnerships to lead the fashion and tech industry. In the past the summit, one of the leading brands and technology companies worldwide, has been chosen: partner.


Sponsored to Decoded Fashion Tokyo Summit 2016, the worldwide enhanced the brand value, expanding cognitive, and strategically not only a stepping stone for the goals, get directly to concrete solutions and ideas from the experts There is a big advantage that it is possible. Last year of the partner company (part) is as follows.




Partnership, client objectives and solve problems in each event, in accordance with the focus area, will be addressed in tailor-made to provide the results that exceed expectations. So far, through marketing activities that make full use of our multi-channel, educational activities of the industry in question, innovative solutions proposed, Ino Evasive Angles tion strategic planning, market development, has contributed to the visibility improved.


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