Tokyo Summit 2016
in partnership with Conde Nast Japan | Tokyo American Club, October 11

Startup Opportunities

Startups and the Summit

“Dekodeddo Fashion Tokyo Summit” is the place one of the world’s leading brands meet with the up-and-coming start-up and their services and products,. In addition, at the same time as the founders of tech companies understanding of the fashion industry, or to obtain feedback on their products from fashion experts, it is a valuable opportunity to expand the perception.


We will support the promising startups and technology to revolutionize the fashion and retail industry.


“Dekodeddo fashion is, we are the most reliable in the many conferences, is a conference that is looking forward to it. In this case always, I meet a great start-up. We are, pilot and I met through Dekodeddo” Tulip ” produced a, we are app development as “Pixlee ‘” – Coach


“Dekodeddo fashion our venerable brand such as is, is a great opportunity to meet an exciting start-up, fashion and Tech leads encounter, is a very unique event.” – Harvey Nichols


“. Summit is not feeling that edge, there is a sense of speed, the topic also variety and quality of the in-site is best at the same time to be able to discover a new idea, a big chance get to discover their own.” – Hikitag

Showcase Your Tech



Expo is an exhibition booth that can be exhibition and demo their solutions. Including the leader of the retail industry, it is a great opportunity to be able to directly appeal to visitors who can be the future of the partners.


“Dekodeddo-fashion, fashion and Tech one of the few places that can launch new products towards both industry contribution of Dekodeddo fashion with respect to the change and evolution of the fashion industry is immeasurable.” – Deborah Park (CLO Virtual Fashion )




Let’s create an opportunity for your technology can participate who is experience.



Sponsored to Decoded Fashion Tokyo Summit 2016, the worldwide enhanced the brand value, expanding cognitive, and strategically not only a stepping stone for the goals, get directly to concrete solutions and ideas from the experts There is a big advantage that it is possible. Last year of the partner company (part) is as follows.




For more information on sponsorship, please contact us.


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